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Having the satisfaction of helping people feel better with products you will absolutely love and are proud to represent
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Why StemFoods Holistics™?

  • At StemFoods Holistics, we are more focused on helping people than about making money. We find joy in bringing people the best holistic, natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs.
  • We believe stem cell health is the foundation for health, and our formulas are created with this in mind.
  • Our products:
    • promote the activation and stimulation of stem cells in the body*
    • support a strong and healthy immune system*
    • fight free radicals with the highest ORAC valued antioxidants known*
  • We source our ingredients from the most powerful plant-based superfoods available.
  • We share knowledge about consumption of healthy, plant-based foods in order to live healthier, more meaningful, and more active lives.
  • We believe in a holistic approach to health that includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Because of our holistic approach, even our product labels are color-coded to our energy fields in the body (chakra system).
  • We welcome our products being promoted at stores, social media platforms, and farmer's markets.
  • We are constantly working towards reducing waste, choosing the best eco-friendly ingredients and materials, as well as promoting an eco-friendly environment.

We take care of all the logistics.

Online ordering

Order tracking and history

Fulfillment and shipping

Inventory control

Customer service

Earnings tracking system for your commissions

If you are into:

  • Helping your community
  • Talking about lifestyles and health
  • Promoting healthy products and services
  • Being active on social media

Or if you are:

  • A health professional
  • A fitness coach
  • A wellness writer or blogger
  • An alternative health practitioner
  • A provider of health-related products and services

Then StemFoods Holistics™ is the perfect fit for your lifestyle! Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Apply for your free account below or click here. Once you receive our approval email, setup your free affiliate account following the instructions in the email.

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Using the affiliate link you received when you set up your free account, start promoting our products online using the affiliate link provided on our approval email.

Step 3

Share the promo code you selected with everyone or post it online anywhere you desire.

(How promo codes work)

Step 4

Your earnings will automatically be paid once a month, in the first 15 business days following month's end. They will get deposited into the checking account you specified in your affiliate account.

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