Whole Food Nutrition in a Capsule

We are on a mission to empower healthy lifestyles by providing formulas made with ingredients from the best nature has to offer.

Our formulas are mixed and prepared with love, because we understand your body is your temple. We care, and we love what we do. Exploring and sourcing and bringing to you the best formulas, based on a holistic approach, is the purpose of our product development team and the whole company. Enjoy!

  • all plant-based
  • vegan
  • wholefoods
  • nutrient-dense
  • high antioxidant value
  • non-gmo
  • no fillers
  • gluten-free
  • no animal testing
  • no synthetics
  • no sugars
  • no artificials

Here are all the ingredients we use across our family of supplements:

Food Extracts

Vitamins and Minerals

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