Green juice or smoothie?

Are they the same thing?

On our last blog we learned that juicing or extracting juice from a fruit strips most of its health benefits, leaving us with just a sugary liquid.

If you’re looking for an easy and tasty way to consume lots of nutritious fruits and/or vegetables, a smoothie is the way to go. The main difference between a juice and a smoothie is the appliance you use. For juice, a juice extractor is used, but as we learned before, juice from an extractor is not good for our health. On the other hand, a blender is used for making smoothies and they’re great for our health. A smoothie requires minimum effort because all you have to do is blend your favorite fruits, leafy greens and/or other vegetables with water until you reach your desired consistency. A smoothie retains all the health-promoting fiber and nutrients of the whole fruit/veggie and fills you up.

An excellent companion to your daily smoothie is StemFoods supplements. Packed with superfood natural extracts and other powerful ingredients, StemFoods supplements provide the nutrition you can’t get from daily diet.

Everyone has a different health journey, but countless customers have shared their success stories with us and that’s what keeps us going. Our natural holistic protocol is the same regardless of health level as we should always strive to keep our three main elimination organs clean. For that, we use StemDigest, StemLiver and StemKidney, plus StemImmune to support the immune system, the lymphatic system (including the bone marrow) and the endocrine system (hormones). We also use StemVLife for healthy stem cell support including the regeneration, multiplication, and activation of our stem cells.

Robert Hill
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