Recycling is great, but avoiding waste is better

5 easy ways to avoid waste

reduce reuse recycle eliminate waste


Avoiding waste saves money and it frees us from the burden of having junk all around us. It also saves us the problem of having to decide what to do with that junk later on. It helps us have a cleaner space, even if it’s just one room of the house: a tidy kitchen, a peaceful bedroom, a clean bathroom or an energized office. On a grander scale, avoiding waste helps us have a cleaner planet, too. Here are some ideas to help reduce waste vs. having to recycle later:

  • Reduce the number of plastic shopping bags by using your own cloth grocery bags.
  • Eliminate plastic water bottles by installing a water filter.
  • Reduce trips to the grocery store by growing your own vegetables (use planters if you live in a small home or apartment).
  • Use innovative ways to repurpose items. YouTube has plenty of DIY channels for creative projects.
  • Avoid impulse buys that often end up becoming clutter.

April is a time to raise awareness to protect planet Earth, and as we all do our part to keep a clean environment it is us who benefit the most. We at StemFoods Holistics are always thinking of ways to reduce waste all year long. For example, we use biodegradable packing materials.

While recycling is a wonderful habit to cultivate, sometimes recycling can be avoided altogether if we just keep from purchasing certain unnecessary things, such as plastic water bottles. Before you create a recycling station at home or at work, consider some ways in which reducing waste would actually eliminate the need to recycle, and enjoy the savings in space and money!

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