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We all grew up learning that nutrients from the foods we eat are broken down and absorbed into the intestines to nourish the body. But more recently, science has expanded its focus beyond nutrient absorption. It is now known that a connection exists between our gut and both our immune health and our mental health. The gut plays such an important role in health that it is called “the second brain” by many in the field of health and nutrition. Our mental health is directly connected to our gut. Nerve cells that line the inside of our gastrointestinal tract are in constant communication with our brain, monitoring our overall health, including our mental health. How we digest foods has a huge impact on our moods.

For this reason, we at StemFoods Holistics have also turned our attention to gut health. We have formulated StemDigest with the finest organic ingredients to support gut health. For example, StemDigest contains powerful plant enzymes (papain, bromelain and pectin) that promote regularity, can normalize stools and reduce inflammation. StemDigest also contains white kidney bean extract to help block carbohydrates and suppress appetite; ginger to help regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels and to reduce body weight; marshmallow root to lower/prevent heartburn and ulcer symptoms; and other powerful ingredients such as fennel, marigold flower and chromium (from chromium picolinate) that promote digestive health.

StemDigest with all its key ingredients supports digestive health, which in turn supports mental health. Visit StemDigest to learn more.

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