Happy Earth Day!

Go clean up a park or beach with your loved ones

earth day celebrate park

What better way to celebrate our beautiful planet, than with a fun trip to a park or a beach to help clean it up? Grab your friends or family and make a day of it. Bring some healthy snacks and decide what area you’re going to clean up, making sure it’s safe for the whole group. If you have little ones, show them the safe and proper way to pick up trash and put it in a trash container. Explain how keeping our recreational areas clean benefits all of us. Here are some easy suggestions for preparing your clean-up day:

  • Decide where to go: This may sound obvious but depending on the age and health of the people going to clean up, it is important to find a safe location for everyone. Make sure your chosen area is not private property or if permits are required to enter (such as national parks). Consider if restrooms will be needed on location.
  • Set a date: Respect people’s schedules. If the group you’d like to invite has prior commitments they don’t want to break, try to find a different date.
  • Check the weather: Make sure you’ll have beautiful weather and dress appropriately!
  • Make it fun: Bring plenty of water, snacks, games, or whatever you think your group will enjoy. Most importantly, set a start and end time for the trip and stick to those times so people can plan around it.
  • Share it: Take before-and-after photos and share them with loved ones. You never know who you will inspire to do the same!
  • Make it a tradition: A clean-up day can be a fun family tradition or group gathering to do once a month or whenever there’s a birthday.

Using nature as a backdrop is a great way to create special memories with loved ones while helping your local environment. This can grow into a community-wide event that serves as hands-on lessons for kids while benefitting everyone.

StemFoods Holistics is proud to celebrate Earth Day every day and works to raise awareness about the different ways to protect our amazing planet. Check out our Living Green page for ideas.

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