Side effects of long-term insulin therapy

The good news and the bad

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We’ll tell you the good news first: It is possible to reverse Type 2 diabetes naturally and easily, without the need of medications. This is something a lot of doctors won’t tell you because they don’t know this themselves. Thankfully, a growing number of doctors and scientists are becoming more aware of the extensive research, data and results that support this simple fact. This is not anything new. In fact, a branch of medicine that has been around for decades called “lifestyle medicine” is a specialty where doctors work with patients to change the habits that got them sick in the first place. These specialists don’t just hand out prescription medication to treat symptoms. They guide people to make wiser nutrition decisions, which is at the heart of diabetes reversal.

Why do it naturally instead of using medication? Better nutrition to reverse diabetes is good for the body in general, not just the diabetes-related problems. Better nutrition has a cascading, healthy effect throughout the body and is good for the long term. On the contrary, medication is often used to treat symptoms without correcting the underlying problem. Following are the most common side effects of insulin medication:

  • Weight gain, which can lead to cardiovascular disease
  • Low blood sugar that needs to be treated as well
  • Medication sometimes fails and has to be adjusted or replaced by other meds
  • Swelling on arms and legs
  • Skin changes at the injection site

Many illnesses can be controlled and even reversed with easy-to-follow nutrition changes, leading to a healthier way of life. At StemFoods Holistics we have a passion for making superfoods and powerful, all-natural supplements accessible to all people. Because of soil depletion and pesticide use, we know that we can’t get all the nutrition we need through food alone. Our line of supplements contain superfood extracts and all-natural ingredients of the highest quality. For example, StemLiver and StemDigest are a powerful duo that work together for better digestion and weight control. It is good to know that there is freedom from type-2 diabetes and it can be done naturally by establishing specific healthy patterns. [link to “3 ways to lower insulin resistance”] If you would like to learn more about healthy food choices for better health, contact us at

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